US President-Elect Joe Biden is Old Man Steve Rogers in Impressive Avengers: Endgame Video

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November 19, 2020  02:17 PM


Marvel fans have recently noticed the uncanny resemblance between old man Steve Rogers and US President-Elect Joe Biden. In fact, it has spawned a number of hysterical memes during the height of the US Presidential Elections and once you finally take notice of their physical similarities, you'll never truly be able to unsee it.

Now, a new deepfake video is making the rounds all over the internet which depicts Biden as the older version of Captain America as seen in the final moments of Avengers: Endgame after Rogers returned to the present time after returning the items the Earth's Mightiest Heroes' "snatched" from their time heist and boy, if anything, this short clip only further proves that they're practically the same person. Check out the impressive yet equally hilarious video created by YouTube user Stryder HD here:

Speaking of Cap, while his journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have already come to a close just like his good friend (and sometimes adversary) Tony Stark, diehard fans of the franchise still couldn't help but long for the star-spangled hero. A return to the franchise isn't exactly in Chris Evans' future but I gotta say, it would be nice to see him one last time as Captain America. 

Meanwhile, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will debut in 2021 only on Disney+.

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