Avengers Star Chris Evans Becomes The Boys' Homelander in Awesome Video

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October 20, 2020  02:31 PM


Marvel actor Chris Evans has been synonymous with patriotism and heroism thanks to his outstanding performance as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but have you ever imagined how he'd fare as a villain? If you're shaking your head with the idea, this new video that has been making the rounds all over the internet realizes Evans' untapped potential as a comic book psychopath and it will end up convincing you that Steve Rogers can hang as a villain.

The video in question is a deepfake clip of Chris as The Boys' maniacal Homelander played by Antony Starr in the hit Amazon Prime series. The 14-second clip doesn't really show much but it's convincing enough to make you think that Evans would actually ace a villainous character. Not gonna lie, I'm totally digging it! See it for yourself here:

Now, Evans is no stranger to being the bad guy on the big screen and as I mentioned, the Avengers actor has untapped potential to become more than just a stereotypical goody-two-shoes hero. After all, he's a tremendous actor who's capable of taking on any role offered to him. I'm not quite sure if his days as a comic book film actor are over but it would be refreshing to see him turn to the dark side and get away with it, don't you think? Maybe in the future.

Meanwhile, The Boys Season 3 is currently in development.

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