Watch: Shazam! Director Reveals the Neat Problem-Solving Behind-the-Scenes

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July 04, 2019  04:54 PM


Shazam! has just hit home video, but even with a  release of special features, we don’t really know the full story of what happened behind the scenes. What’s fun is that director David F. Sandberg has shared this new video essay talking about the unique hurdles he had to jump through when they were making the movie.

Though it’s interesting to see how they got Zachary Levi flying in the mall scene, I thought it was cooler to find out how they tried to fix the fact that there was a big bunch of the crew standing within the shot. They solved this by editing in some shopping bags and other things to make the crew look like regular mall-goers.

Sandberg also goes in-depth on a scene where the kids put on their coats and walk back inside the house. They couldn’t really get the actress who plays Darla (Faithe Herman) on the day of the exterior shot, so they had to write it so she was taking her time inside when they walked back in.

It’s pretty neat how the story changes, even in little ways, just to make up for technical issues.

I guess the video was some kind of response to some people reading too much into some mistakes, but some of them were actually on purpose. For one, Sandberg made it a point that Billy’s mom is wearing different clothes when he remembers that scene where he lost her.

For now, Shazam! is now available on digital, but you can catch the Blu-Ray/DVD release on July 16.

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