The Indiana Jones Trilogy Gets an Honest Trailer

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July 07, 2020  02:28 PM


While we don’t have any updates on Indiana Jones 5 yet, Screen Junkies has dropped their Honest Trailer take on the Indiana Jones trilogy—too bad for fans of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull though, because it’s not being covered in the video.



From two dudes who built your childhood by riffing on the stuff that built their childhood, these visionaries at the height of their powers will collaborate to achieve the impossible—make a guy a guy look cool in a fedora.

Besides Star Wars, Indiana Jones was probably one of the most beloved franchises to come out of Lucasfilm, and the first three films still manage to stand out today. Though they are solid movies for the time, the trailers point out that they could be problematic when it comes to today’s standards, counting that the first movie implied that Indy commited statutory rape and that the movies has some very racist takes when it comes to specific characters.

I guess it’s also hilarious that the movie has Indy commenting on how badly he flies the plane, seeing that Harrison Ford himself has made headlines because he wasn’t too skilled at landing. It’s one of those ‘life imitates art’ moments.

For now, Indiana Jones 5 has hired James Mangold (Logan) to direct. We don’t have a story yet, but we do know that Harrison Ford will be back, hopefully to pass the torch this time. With Shia LaBeouf definitely not returning, some are hoping that we get a follow-up with a grown-up Short Round dubbed as Indy’s successor.

Indiana Jones 5 is set to come out on July 29, 2022.

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