IT: Chapter Two Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

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By Bayani Miguel Acebedo | More Articles Star Wars nerd. Toy collector. Occasional Cosplayer.
December 04, 2019  10:29 AM

We’re admittedly in the middle of a “Stephen King-aissance” and one of the biggest King properties to come out this year is the sequel to IT. Just in, Screen Junkies has dropped their Honest Trailer take for IT: Chapter Two.

The Losers Club is all grown up, half of them are big celebrities, but all of them are still losers. Bill’s an author who writes crappy endings, in a nod to both Stephen King and the movie you’re watching. Ben is hung up on his middle school crush. Middle School. Dude. Richie somehow makes Bill Hader unfunny; Beverly married her dad, and Eddie literally married his mother.

While a lot of criticism has gone to the end of the original book, I thought this adaptation was actually pretty fun to watch. The movie still had a lot of the heart that the first one had, and I thought everything ended on a great note.

I guess I could have a gripe, it’s the silly decision on the Losers’ part for going their separate ways. I mean, if an alien clown is trying to kill you guys one by one, you’d think they would try their best to stick together. Then again, the movie needed some scary scenes to happen, and it won’t be as scary if everyone were together the whole film, I guess.

Though IT looks to be done with this film, some are still confident that WB is working on some kind of spinoff. My money’s on a Pennywise prequel, but I’m open to other ideas. At least this time the film won’t be so dependent on following source material.

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