Jared Leto Had Fun Interacting with the Suicide Squad Cast as Joker

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March 04, 2016  04:23 PM

It’s been known that Jared Leto has been applying method acting to achieve the best characterization for his role as The Joker in Suicide Squad. While the technique paid off for the Dallas Buyers Club star, his fellow cast members have had to put up with several weird tricks on set though.

Leto decided to act as The Joker even off-cam. Several of the 44-year-old actor’s co-stars have shared their experiences. Viola Davis recently shared hers of being given a dead pig on set.

Well, Leto shared his side of the story too in a recent interview with TNT Brasil:

I did interact, but I did it through the eyes of The Joker—which is really fun. It was fun to play that game.

Asked about the challenge of creating his own version of The Joker, Leto said:

It was interesting to take on this challenge. It was unlike anything I've ever done before.

He also shared his view on Director David Ayer, which you can check out the rest of the interview below:


I’m pretty thrilled to see Suicide Squad, if not for its unique plot, then for Leto’s The Joker. Just at the Comic-Con trailer, the Oscar winner gave quite a performance.  

I can’t wait to see more of his crazy antics in the entire movie.

Suicide Squad is slated for release on August 5.

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