Smoke and Sacrifice Review: A Stellar Survival RPG

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles , Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
June 22, 2018  02:31 PM

Developer: Solar Sail Games

Publisher: Curve Digital

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC

Whether it’s the amazing visual style or the engaging narrative, there is a lot to like about Smoke and Sacrifice. Though occasionally bogged down by pacing issues, there is no doubt that the game is one of the more unique survival RPGs out there and should be played by fans of the genre.

Players will know that they’re in for something special when the game starts. As Sachi, you are forced to give up your son as part of the village’s tradition to sacrifice babies for the sake of not having monsters attack. However, after certain events unfold, Sachi makes it her duty to find her son and make things right.

(Solar Sail Games/Curve Digital)

Like most games in the survival RPG genre, Smoke and Sacrifice has a real-time battle system and crafting, the latter of which is really important. Early on, players are tasked with making new materials to survive in the world. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t always make crafting easy since the pouch where materials are kept feels unorganized.

Trying to survive in the game is also really tough, with the wildlife and the world’s smoke doing everything they can to hurt Sachi. There are save points but it is disheartening to die after making plenty of progress in a quest or two. Granted, a majority of the quests can be annoying fetch quests but when the story kicks in it’s a grand time.

(Solar Sail Games/Curve Digital)

Smoke and Sacrifice might take time to warm up to, but it is worth playing in the end.

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