Review: Star Wars Ronin Samurai Boba Fett Meisho Movie Realization Action Figure

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By Matthew Lipton | More Articles
May 28, 2016  03:06 AM

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Hey all, it’s Epicstream’s friendly neighborhood Star Wars geek here with a review of something that will most certainly not make you say “I have a bad feeling about this,” that is unless you don’t like alternate versions of the galaxy’s most notorious and dangerous bounty hunter. If you’re not the huge Star Wars fan that I am, you may not know that George Lucas based a lot of the Jedi culture on the Samurai of Ancient Japan, but put a more science fiction twist on it, adding lightsabers instead of the katanas, and laser weapons instead of the flintlock rifles and pistols. Fans have always wanted to know what if we really did have a sort of crossover where the weapons and armor are more consistent with the Samurai culture than the movies. Guess what? Now we can. Bandai has put out a “Ronin Boba Fett” figure.

The first thing you notice about this version of the Mandalorian armor clad bounty hunter is that he is indeed wearing Samurai style armor painted in the colors from the movie. The knee and shoulder pads are the classic yellow and the chest plate, helm and gloves are the classic slightly worn turquoise with reddish brown highlights. The helm also features the classic targeting reticle which is fully posable. In addition to the classic Scum and Villainy symbol on the left shoulder pad, the details include the braids from past kills, and the cape at the back of the armor.

All of Boba Fett’s gear in this version is modeled to be more Samurai like in nature the sawed off shotgun blaster is now a flintlock rifle, the jetpack has a very classic non science fiction and definitely more fantasy feel, and he has plenty of daggers and a hanzo sword (for those not familiar with Samurai weapons this would be a somewhat smaller but no less sharp one handed version of a katana).  To carry or display all these things the action figure comes with interchangeable hands so that he has the grips he needs to be able to hold all of his weapons.


The articulation on this figure is very good. You can put him in a large number of poses and especially with the multiple interchangeable hand configurations you can very easily have him holding either his rifle or his sword. There is no falling down due to excess weight concerns, he will stand with the rifle or katana very easily. The thrusters on the bottom of the jetpack will even gimbal a little bit!

Overall, this is a great alternate version of one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars universe, and I hope we get to see more Samurai versions of Star Wars Characters. It will be interesting to see what some of the other iconic characters would look like especially some of the alien race ones like Chewbacca and Yoda.


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