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March 04, 2021  01:05 PM

As expected from the end of the seventh episode of Redo of Healer (read my review here), Keyaru, princess Flare, and Setsuna arrives in Buranikka, the only city where humans and demons co-exist. In the eighth episode, titled The Healer Meets the Demon Lord!, the three naughty adventurers meet someone who's expected to become the Demon Lord (as seen in the future from Keyaru's previous life). Is their encounter fate or coincidence? 

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Warning: Spoilers from Redo of Healer Episode 8: The Healer Meets the Demon Lord! ahead! 

Buranikka is the most interesting location we've seen in the world of this dark fantasy anime because of how humans, demonic beings, and demi-humans all co-exist in this city, and Keyaru, Flare, and Setsuna look fascinated to see them interact, making you wonder why it's the only place in this anime's world where the social barrier between humans and demons don't exist. The demons in the city look like the random demons in Yu Yu Hakusho. Keyaru and his companions enter a thriving restaurant where they are sitted next to a couple of non-entities (a friendly demon and a human), and they learn more about the society of Branica — how the feudal lord made some risky negotiations with demonic beings, and eventually they all learned to compromise and build the city together.  While the human acknowledges the power of demons in helping their society prosper, his demon-friend tells him that "It's the human entertainment and culture" for them. They also mention about how they pay taxes in blood. The first half of the episode is mostly world-building: even though the show's setting looks like a generic medieval fantasy world, Buranikka feels more authentic in the way it shows the co-existance of humans and demons. "The lifestyles of the people that live in this city are different from Jioral Kingdom, which tries to control the territory of demonic beings," Flare said, painting a more antagonistic image for her kingdom. 

As hinted by the title of this episode, Keyaru and the naughty girls meet Eve Reese, one of the candidates to become a Demon Lord, who by coincidence or fate, sits next to them in the tavern, and Keyaru immediately recognizes her to be the Demon Lord in his previous life. She looks innocent with her red timid-looking eyes and fragile slim body, but Keyaru's mystical eye could see that she has unfathomable magical potential lying within her, making you wonder how an innocent-looking girl like her could become a Demon Lord. Keyaru boldly tells everyone that Eve is the Demon Lord, and the patrons laugh at that assumption, so Keyaru gives her delicious food to make it up to her.


Suddenly, a gang of minotaurs attack with the intent to capture Eve, and of course, Keyaru becomes her hero after Eve reluctantly decides to be her protector. All the girls show their power to defend the minoaturs' attack, and Eve was able to defend herself against ritual magic attacks with little exertion. This is an intense scene with a lot of magical spectacle, and it's cool seeing the girls show off their powers. As expected, Keyaru saves the day and carries away the future demon lord with them. 

At an empty house, Keyaru tells Eve that he met a red-eyed demon lord with black wings and silver hair, and that demon lord is her (four years in the future of the previous timeline). The healer berates her for the many things she lacks to become the Demon Lord, and Eve tearfully lashes out, proclaiming that she swore to avenge her fallen brethren by slaying the current Demon Lord and to keep on living. Although Eve looks more reluctant when Keyaru reveals that he's the Hero of Recovery, she agrees to work with him upon learning that their goals do not conflict. Keyaru promises to protect her and help her kill the current Demon Lord. This shows that Keyaru is not just concerned about enacting his own revenge but just as what he did for Setsuna, he also wants to help Eve get her revenge. This makes me wonder how Eve was able to become the Demon Lord without Keyaru's help in the previous life. When Eve asks Keyaru about his goal, he tells her that he wants the heart of the Demon Lord, which makes her blush. It turns out that he wants the literal heart, which he can acquire when they slaughter the current Demon Lord. 

It seems that every Redo of Healer episode has a predictable formula that rewards viewers at the end: After some interesting dialogues and some magical action, there's a sex scene to wrap it all up (Watch the uncensored version to fully appreciate this scene). In this episode, Eve wakes up hearing Keyaru having a shameless threesome with Flare and Setsuna as if they're animals "just doing it" in the barn, especially Setsuna with her animalistic characteristics. Eve's shocking reaction is wildly entertaining. "Just our daily routine," Keyaru says. While the threesome is going on, the dialogue between Eve and Keyaru is hilarious. "Why is this happening in front of me?," Eve asks, and Keyaru says not to worry because he won't force her to have sex with him, which is surprising since he already raped and brainwashed Flare. The final shot with the shadow of Keyaru's cock looming over Eve's face made me laugh so much. It was an exciting way to end the episode. 

Episode 8 of Redo of Healer introduces one of the show's most likeable characters, Eve Reese, the future Demon Lord, but there's also a good amount of world-building and a bit of action with the restaurant scene. The conversations with the patrons about Buranikka and how humans and demons co-exist are intriguing, and the prevalent theme of revenge echoes in Keyaru's dialogue with Eve. The sex scene at the end was hot but also hilarious. Overall, this episode made me care more about Redo of Healer's story and characters instead of just the naughty bits.


Rating:  7.5/10

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