Steven Universe Soundtrack: Vol 1 Review

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By Caitlin Donovan | More Articles
May 23, 2017  08:11 PM

Steven Universe is a show has an absolutely charming musical score, so many fans were thrilled with the announcement of the Steven Universe Soundtrack: Vol. 1. The album doesn’t disappoint. The collection has every song sung on Steven Univese – from the ditty “Cookie Cat” from the very first episode “Gem Glow” all the way to “What’s the Use of Feeling (Blue)?”, a recent song seen in the episode “That Will Be All”. Both the full and TV-size versions main title theme sung by the show’s cast, “We Are the Crystal Gems”, are included, as is the end credits theme “Love Like You”.

It’s pretty special that fans are getting the official release of the full version of “Love Like You”, since only fragments of the slightly sad, moving song can be heard at the end of each episode. Also impressive is the fact the soundtrack contains not just songs from the show itself, but also songs from bonus web content. An example of this is the song “Still Not Giving Up”, sung by the main character Steven (Zach Callison). This song can be seen in the bonus web short “Steven’s Song Time”.

As for the songs, they are a treat for any lover of musical cartoons. A wide array of musical talent is featured in this soundtrack, including the R&B star Estelle (playing Garnet), Broadway singer Patti Lupone (playing Yellow Diamond) and Deedee Magno Hall from the pop group The Party (playing Pearl). There’s a huge range of songs- some are sweet, some are sad, some are funny and some are exciting. All of them are pleasing to the ear and many of them represent very important moments from the show.

The sound quality is great. The songs have been expertly remastered by composers Aivi & Surasshu, so even songs that couldn’t be heard clearly at all in the episode they debuted in come across clear as a bell in this album. For example, there’s “Big Zucchini”, a song that can only be sort of heard in the background of the episode “Steven and the Stevens". But in the album version, listeners will be able to make out all the words and instrumentals in this song.

There are 37 tracks in this collection, so you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck.

Here’s the full tracklist:

1.     We Are the Crystal Gems (Main Title)

2.     Let Me Drive My Van into Your Heart

3.     Cookie Cat

4.     Giant Woman

5.     Strong in the Real Way

6.     Steven and the Stevens

7.     Big Fat Zucchini

8.     Steven and the Crystal Gems

9.     Dear Old Dad

10.  Be Wherever You Are

11.  On the Run

12.  Comet

13.  Destiny

14.  Lapis Lazuli

15.  Wailing Stone

16.  Stronger Than You

17.  Full Disclosure

18.  We Are the Crystal Gems (Full Theme Song)

19.  Jam Song

20.  Do It for Her

21.  What Can I Do (For You)

22.  Tower of Mistakes

23.  Haven’t You Noticed (I’m a Star)

24.  Something Entirely New

25.  Peace and Love on the Planet Earth

26.  Don’t Cost Nothing

27.  Empire City

28.  Mr. Greg

29.  It’s Over Isn’t It

30.  Both of You

31.  Don’t Cost Nothing (Reprise)

32.  I Think I Need a Little (Change)

33.  Here Comes a Thought

34.  Still Not Giving Up

35.  I Could Never Be (Ready)

36.  What’s the Use of Feeling (Blue)?

37.  Love Like You (End Credits)

My only complaint about this soundtrack would be that it didn’t include any instrumental scores. The background music on Steven Universe is also quite pleasing, full of soothing, simple tracks reminiscent of 8-bit video games. However, perhaps if this album proves popular, an instrumental album would also be released. So I encourage any fans of Steven Universe to buy this album if they want to see more like it.

Steven Universe Soundtrack: Vol 1 will be released digitally worldwide on June 2 on all streaming platforms, as well as in digital music stores. 

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