The Traveler Dice Tower Review - A Kick-Ass Portable Way To Play Dice Games

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By Brian McCormick | More Articles Comic book geek and Magic: the Gathering player
November 30, 2017  01:28 PM

If you play dice games, especially on the go with friends, I have the product review you are looking for! Our friends at Dog Might Games sent us their brand new Kickstarter product for review, the Traveler Dice Tower.

The Traveler Dice Tower is an ultra-portable gaming accessory that acts as a dice randomizer/roller and a dice tray. It's composed of three solid pieces of wood. Each is connected by very strong magnets. The inside of the Dice Tower is adorned in felt, and the top section of the tower has a labyrinth structure that makes the dice tumble to a random result.

Rolling dice in the Dog Might Games Traveler Dice Tower is very simple. You just drop the dice from the top of the tower and it does the rest. The randomization of the dice was excellent, much better than by hand. I tried a variety of dice, and almost all of them rolled with ease. Many of my D20 dice were able to roll flawlessly in the Dice Tower; however, some of my bigger, but still standard (ish) sized D20s required a push to get them through. I was able to easily roll 7 D6s at a time.

Here's a video of the Traveler Dice Tower in action followed by a breakdown of the components:

The Traveler Dice Tower comes in a myriad of designs and sculpts. As with all of Dog Might's products, you can get them in the solid wood of your choice. Pictures do not do the Traveler Dice Tower justice! The sculpted wood designs on the back are truly epic and the front of each tower features a masterfully etched design of your choice. The Dice Tower is a work of art, and you can't find anything that matches the quality and craftsmanship of Dog Might Games products anywhere. Here are a few of the different designs you can choose from:

To purchase your own Traveler Dice Tower, check out Dog Might Games Kickstarter here! You can also visit their website for more Kick-ass gaming gear products.

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