Dog Might Games Skirmish Box is a Kick-Ass Way to Store Miniatures - Product Review

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By Brian McCormick | More Articles Comic book geek and Magic: the Gathering player
May 15, 2017  06:14 PM

Dog Might Games has made a name for themselves with handcrafted, customizable, and kick-ass gamer gear. Previously, we reviewed their Dragon Sheath, the Dragon Tray, and their Deck Box. Thanks to our friends at Dog Might Games, we’ve got a hands on look at their latest and greatest invention, the Skirmish Box.

The Skirmish Box is Dog Might Games 9th kickstarter project and is a kick-ass way to store miniatures. It is essentially, a big, badass, sculpted wooden box that can store your miniatures as well as tokens and dice. The box is secured in place by four powerful magnets located in each of the four corners.

One of the worst parts about regular foam boxes for miniatures are scuff marks and chipped paint from storage. You don’t have to worry about that with the Skirmish Box! Each box has a metal plate at the bottom, which is overlapped by soft felt. Simply purchase some small magnets (you can get them through Dog Might Games) and glue them to the bottom of each of your miniatures, then place them upright in the Skirmish Box! Presto! Your minatures are now secure! This keeps your miniatures safe from damage and leaves 0% chance of scuffed or chipped paint in your future.

Yes, securing miniatures are important, but the Dog Might Skirmish Box is not just a box. This thing is a stunning piece of gamer gear! You are never going to find something as well-crafted and kick-ass designed as the Skirmish Box… and when you’re not playing games, it makes an epic display piece!

These boxes are sculpted into a variety of different designs to fit your playstyle. Be it a Viking dragon, Cthulhu, tentacles, arcane circles, or Yggdrasil, the Skirmish Box can be designed just for your taste. They are made from a variety of woodgrains to add another degree of customization. Holding one in your hand, you can tell these things are sturdy and built to last. They are also covered by Dog Might Games lifetime guarantee.

If the Skirmish Box rocks your world as much as it does mine, you can pre-order one through their Kickstarter here! And if you’re in the market for some other gamer gear, check out our review for their Dragon Sheath, Dragon Tray, and Deck Box!

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