Dog Might Games Deck Box Review - The Most Epic Deck Box Ever

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By Brian McCormick | More Articles Comic book geek and Magic: the Gathering player
December 12, 2016  05:01 PM

I'm excited to share with you the latest trading card game accessory I've gotten my hands on, the Dog Might Games custom Deck Box. I've had my fair share of deck boxes for trading card games like Magic: the Gathering over the years, but nothing like this.

The Dog Might Games Deck Box is a solid wood megalith of a deck box. It is made to be the perfect size for your MTG Commander deck, or a regular deck with plenty of space for extra cards. For those who don't know Dog Might Games, they offer custom deck boxes, dice boxes, and more. As with the rest of their products, the Dog Might Deck Box offers loads of different designs, called sculpts, which they create out of solid wood.

The above deck box I received from our friends at Dog Might Games has a Phoenix sculpt in the front. The whole box is made from Bubinga banded with Leopardwood. When I first saw it in person, my jaw dropped. It is without a doubt the best looking deck box I have ever seen! The details created in the solid wood are amazing and the Phoenix really pops out at you!

With the profile view, the quality of the wood really stands out. You can see the interesting grains in the banded Leopardwood, and the Bubinga adds a nice fire look that matches the Phoenix sculpt perfectly.

The back of this deck box features a fire sculpt to match the Phoenix and two rotating dials to keep track of life points. They are magnetically attached to the deck box and are easy to rotate. You can choose between a few different designs on the back to match the variety of front facing sculpts. The deck box has a felt interior (color of your choice) and the two halves of the box are connected via 4 strong magnets. 

The Dog Might Games Deck Box is the best deck box you will ever find. It is almost an insult to merely call it a deck box, the thing is a work of art! I'm happy to display this on my desk when I'm not playing cards. If you are a card collector like me and have spent thousands on building decks, it's time to stop buying breakable $10-dollar plastic boxes and upgrade to one of these magnificent beasts. You can pick up and design your own custom Dog Might Games Deck Box here.

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