Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Issues Apology For 'Fake' Skincare Video

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September 13, 2019  05:09 PM


It looks like Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown is having a bit of trouble online.

 The young British actress has been receiving some negative feedback on a skincare routine video that she shared on YouTube, and it looks like Brown has had to issue a formal apology to all of her fans and followers.

Posting on YouTube last week, Brown decided to share a skincare routine video to help promote her new makeup line, Florence by Mills. While the video seemed innocent enough, fans couldn’t help but criticize the actress, calling her out for misleading the public. According to these fans, the Stranger Things star shouldn’t really be making a skincare routine video when she doesn’t really use any of the products that she’s promoting on her own skin.

This Thursday, Brown decided to take to her official Instagram account to respond to the allegations. The Godzilla: King of the Monsters star issued an apology to all her fans, asking netizens to be patient with her.

“I’m still learning the best way to share my routines as I get to know this space better – I'm not an expert. I thought doing a quick video replicating my personal process for that night was okay, but that’s not what was conveyed,” the actress wrote on her post, “I understand, I appreciate all of your feedback on this journey, please keep sharing your thoughts and I will too! Ily guys x #loveandlight.”



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It seems like Brown didn’t really let the criticism get her down. Instead, the Stranger Things actress decided to listen to her fans and apologize for what she did wrong.

Netflix has yet to officially greenlight Season 4 of Stranger Things, but we can’t wait to see Brown again, especially now that her character, El, is having trouble with her powers.

Stranger Things Season 3 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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