Steven Universe Artist’s Marriage is Officiated by MS Paint Adventure Creator, Andrew Hussie

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By Tiny Diapana | More Articles
December 31, 2016  05:37 PM

Steven Universe fans have a lot to be happy for now that January is fast approaching. Not only is the quirky and progressive science fiction children’s animated series returning with the rest of season 4, but it looks like the team behind Steven Universe (the crewniverse) is celebrating a new wedding as well.

Yesterday, Amber Rogers, one of the storyboard artists for Steven Universe, posted a picture of her marriage to Homestuck artist, Shelby Cragg. Their ceremony was officiated by the MS Paint Adventures creators, Andrew Hussie – an honor which delighted the artistic couple.

Cragg also took to Twitter to express her joy over marrying Amber, saying that it was a privilege to have Hussie officiate the wedding since she and Amber had first met through Hussie’s comic series, Homestuck.  

 Fans of Steven Universe will also be glad to hear that another member of the crewniverse has been successful in her romantic endeavors. Despite being a children’s series, Steven Universe has never been afraid to tackle difficult topics and the series has always firmly represented the LGBT. For Steven and the Crystal Gems, love is love and it’s really nice to see that the crewniverse stands on the same ground as well. Cheers to Amber, Shelby and to the rest of the Steven Universe team!

Steven Universe season 4 returns to Cartoon Network by January 30, 2017. 

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