Star Wars Theory Suggests Legends Demon As The Villain Of The High Republic

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March 08, 2020  11:51 AM



There’s a lot of excitement over The High Republic.  Set two hundred years before the prequel trilogy, The High Republic is a publishing initiative that’s set to feature the “golden age of the Jedi.” Not only will Lucasfilm release new novels set in this golden era, but it’ll release comic titles under The High Republic as well. While there’s been very little information about the stories Lucasfilm plans to tell in The High republic, the studio’s made the villains clear -  fans are going to meet the Nihils, a group of anarchistic marauders active during The High Republic.

Now, a new theory on Reddit suggests an even stronger villain, one that could be controlling the Nihils behind the shadows. According to this post by u/Dr_Charisma, there’s a possibility the Lucasfilm is going to introduce a powerful Star Wars legend villain in The High Republic – Abeloth, the fourth entity in the group of The Ones. Abeloth represented chaos in The Ones, making the entity one of the scariest enemies for the Jedi to ever face.

According to this Star Wars theory, Abeloth could be the entity behind the attacks of the Nihil. Though marauders might seem anarchic and selfish, “it’s very possible there could be a driving force behind their madness.”

Lucasfilm wants to present a villain that answers the question “what scares the Jedi,” and Abeloth seems to perfectly fit the picture because “what could possibly scarier to the Jedi than the living essence of chaos itself?”

It’s an interesting theory to say the least, one that would honor the intricacy of Star Wars legends.

What do you think? Would you like to see Abeloth in The High Republic?

Star Wars: The High Republic begins in August 2020.

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