Star Wars Fans Claiming To Have $200 Million For The Last Jedi Remake Ask For Support

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By Tiny Diapana | More Articles
June 21, 2018  07:06 PM

Star Wars: The Last Jedi might have enjoyed critical and commercial success during its release, but the sequel to The Force Awakens became a divisive Star Wars installment, dividing the Star Wars fanbase and sparking debates among those who claim to love the Star Wars franchise.  

Though there are many who enjoyed the film, those who dislike The Last Jedi have been very vocal about their outrage, going online to bash the cast and crew of the film. Some haters have even gone as far creating their own version of the movie without any of the female characters. Some have even written a petition asking Disney to take out the film from Star Wars canon.

Now, a new group of The Last Jedi haters has gained traction claiming that they have their own $200 million to recreate the Star Wars installment.

Check it out down here:

Creating a “Remake The Last Jedi” Twitter account, these Star Wars “fans” have started calling for the reproduction of The Force Awakens sequel, telling others of their kind to share their tweets and let Disney know that fans want a remake of the film.

This new stunt sounds like a bluff at best and is one of the shining examples of entitlement in the Star Wars fanbase. And even if this group really did have producers backing their crazy idea, it sounds very unlikely that Disney or Lucasfilm would change their plans just so they could pander to a certain group of fans.  Let’s wait and see how this new story develops.

Lucasfilm’s latest film, Solo: A Star Wars Story, is currently screening in cinemas.


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