Niantic Finally Rolls Out Pokemon Go’s New Trading Feature

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By Tiny Diapana | More Articles
June 21, 2018  07:49 PM

Pokemon Go gamers are in for a treat. The Pokemon augmented reality gaming app’s trading feature is finally live – but only for players who’ve been able to reach the game’s highest level.

Early this week, Niantic told gamers that it would be giving everyone be creating a new friends system allowing Pokemon Go gamers to trade. Trading is a feature that fans have been clamoring for ever since Pokemon Go’s release, but now that it’s out, it’s newest features have only been made available to level 40 players.

Pokemon Go just got the update earlier today and it looks like the new trading feature’s begun its rollout. However, it seems like level 10 to level 39 gamers still can’t access the trading feature like Niantic first promised.

It seems like Niantic’s only letting gamers at level 40 use the trading feature while they’ve started rolling out the Friends and Trading system across the board, probably because they don’t want to overload the game’s servers. A number of gamers have noticed that Pokemon Go has become laggy ever since the update, a problem that Niantic will probably have to look into while rolling out their new Friends and Trading feature.

Thankfully, Level 40 Pokemon Go gamers have shared what the system is like, saying that it takes 90 days of battling, trading and sending gifts for two players to become best friends. Players can also see their friends profile and check out the nickname their friends gave out to their Buddy Pokemon – a first in Pokemon Go.

They’re pretty interesting features that everyone will be able to enjoy as Niantic continues rolling out the system. Gamers below level 40 will just have to be patient while waiting.


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