New Star Trek Channel on Pluto TV Brings Free Streaming of The Next Generation

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July 08, 2020  04:06 PM


It looks like Trekkies are getting a Star Trek channel on Pluto TV.

Taking advantage of its recent remerger, Viacom and CBS has added a number of CBS series to the Pluto TV free streaming service, and it means a free channel for the Star Trek franchise.

According to a report by Star Trek Movie, ViacomCBS just announced today the arrival of 40 CBS-produced series on Pluo TV, a popular  ad-supported streaming service that Viacom bought in 2019.  Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of those shows – the first Star Trek series being added on the platform for a new Star Trek channel on the streaming service.

A Pluto TV spokesperson says that The Next Generation is going to be the banner of the channel, headlining for the upcoming Star Trek series that will be added later on in time.

“Pluto TV is the leading free streaming television service in America and is distinguished by both the quantity and quality of its content,” CEO and Co-Founder of Pluto TV Tom Ryan said in a statement, “With over 100,000 hours of unique content in the US alone, now supplemented by these iconic ViacomCBS franchises, Pluto TV is one of the broadest and deepest streaming services in the world, and guaranteed to offer something for everyone, on any device, for free.”

This is pretty great news for Trekkies. Star Trek: The Next Generation and a number of other Trek series are finally going to stream for free.

Along with The Next Generation which will be made available on July 14 through the summer, the new slate of CBS programming will include shows like CSI: Miami, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Beverly Hills 90210, JAG, Numbers, Scorpio, MacGyver, and Everybody Hates Chris. Select episodes from the first 10 seasons of South Park will also be streaming on Pluto TV.

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