Hugh Jackman Left Bleeding On Camera By Bryan Singer After Failed X-Men 2 Stunt

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July 31, 2020  01:39 PM


X-Men director Bryan Singer left Wolverine star Hugh Jackman bleeding dry on camera after a botched stunt on X-Men 2.

The Hollywood Reporter just recently released a lengthy feature revealing the troubled history of 20th Century Fox’s X-Men film franchise and director Bryan Singer and not only did the article discuss the filmmaker’s sexual misgivings (sexual abuse and rape), but it also revealed the director’s troubling behavior on the set of his films.

Titled “It Created a Monster,” THR recounts how the success of X-Men gave Singer the power to become abusive.

The entertainment news outlet says that even before allegations of rape and sexual abuse came to light, Singer had a lot of behavioural problems that caused trouble on the set of X-Men and its sequel, X2. While working on principal photography for X2, Singers behavior became “erratic and destructive,” leading to conflict with the film’s producer, Tom DeSanto.

Sources present on the set of the film say that DeSanto tried to shut down production after he “learned that Singer was incapacitated after taking a narcotic,” however, the director refused to listen to the producer.

“Some crewmembers had taken the same drug, and DeSanto became fearful that someone on set could be injured,” THR writer Tatiana Siegel reports, “All of the main cast, with the exception of Ian McKellen, were in the scene that day, which takes place in the X Jet and comes near the end of the movie.”


Then, as production continued, Hugh Jackman found himself injured while performing a stunt. The stunt coordinator was not present at the time of the injury because the scene was supposed to be shot the next day, and Jackman was left bleeding on camera by Singer.

In the end, producer Ralph Winter stepped in to stop the production.

This is just one of the many horror stories that Singer left while working on Fox’s X-Men movies. Singer’s victims have long since come out, however, the director continues to deny the allegations of rape and sexual abuse.

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