Here’s Why There’s Major Backlash Against Marvel’s Supposedly Progressive New Warriors

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By Tiny Diapana | More Articles
March 19, 2020  05:38 PM



Marvel may have just introduced the next generation of New Warriors into the world of Marvel Comics, but it looks like comic book readers aren’t too happy with the new incarnation of the classic team of heroes. There’s been a lot of backlash over the new members of the New Warriors and not for reasons that one might think.

While one might assume that traditional readers are campaigning against the New Warrior’s diverse roster of heroes, the backlash against the characters seems to be focused on how the characters were created. The new roster of New Warriors includes heroes like Trailblazer, Screentime, B-Negative, and notably, the twins Snowflake and Safespace.

While these heroes seem to pander to ideas of progress, diversity, and equality, one of the major reasons why Marvel fans are expressing outrage over The New Warriors is that these heroes seem to be too on the nose.

According to CBR, Marvel comic book readers are expressing negativity over heroes Safespace, Snowflake, Screentime, Trailblazer, and B-Negative because that the writers that created these characters seem to lack a whole lot of nuance creating heroes like these.

It’s clear that Marvel is trying to represent the Millenial ideas, but the New Warrior’s writer's approach seems to lack finesse. Words like safe space and snowflake are common internet words, but they’ve also been used as insults online. Traditional netizens make fun of those who use the word safe space because they think that these individuals seem too soft and indulgent. Traditional netizens also tend to call progressives snowflakes, making fun of their demands for equality and diversity. The hero screentime seems to be a negative comment on internet culture too.

What are your thoughts on the heroes that make up the New Warriors? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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