Gareth Edwards Hasn’t Seen George Lucas Since Rogue One’s Pre-Production

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March 16, 2017  01:37 PM

Though Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has been hailed as one of the best films in the Star Wars franchise by fans and critics, it seems like Rogue One director Gareth Edwards hasn’t been able to meet up with George Lucas for quite some time now.

According to a report by Express, Edwards had been at the BAFTA Cymru fundraiser ealier this month revealed that the only time he had ever been able to meet with Lucas was back when they crossed paths in his office at Pinewoods.

Back then he had tried to hide a poster for Star Wars offshoot Carvan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure which had been stuck on his wall.

“He was really sweet, really funny, a really nice guy, and that was it,” Edwards recalled. “That was during pre-production. I haven’t seen him since then.”

Despite not seeing Lucas, Edwards has heard of Lucas’ opinion of Rogue One.

“We heard from him - we tried to show him the film and we didn’t know when he could see it, we wanted him to see it before its release,” he continued. “He’s a very busy guy so it was an open invitation. 

“I was sitting in a meeting that was going on at ILM in San Francisco, where there’s no cell reception.

“Some people do get cell reception, and this guy nudged me and showed me his phone: it was a text off the visual effects supervisor, it said, ‘I’ve just spoken to George Lucas and he loved the movie.’

“I was like, ‘what?’ Holding back the tears! And Kathy Kennedy [producer] cmes in, she’s delayed because he called her, and she was like, ‘I’ve got some good news everyone - he saw it and he liked it!’”

“I was like, ‘I don’t care what anybody thinks now!’ I’d trade the whole world for George in terms of who liked it and who didn’t like it,” Edwards gushed.

Of course Edwards would be delighted to hear how much Lucas had loved his work on Rogue One. Praise is infinitely better when it comes from the man who created Star Wars itself – hearing that Lucas loved Rogue One even brought tears to his eyes.  Given the film’s reception, it would be no wonder if Lucasfilm and Disney brought Edwards back to direct another Star Wars film. Though the invite hasn’t happened yet, it’s very likely that it will and if not, Edwards has a bright future ahead of him.

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