Disneyland Is Only Allowing Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Guests A Four-Hour Time Slot

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April 23, 2019  01:26 PM


There’s a lot of hype surrounding Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and so it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see Star Wars fans flocking to Disneyland’s highly anticipated Star Wars theme park. Knowing that overcrowding might become a problem at Galaxy’s Edge, Disneyland has just announced that guests will be given only a four-hour window to explore the park.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the first Galaxy’s Edge visitors are being allowed only four hours to take in Disneyland’s upcoming $1 billion expansion. Disneyland seemingly wants to avoid the gridlock and the backlash that comes with the opening of major blockbuster attractions like what happened at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter which opened back in 2016.

“What they are doing are two different things: designing an attraction for the ages, but also getting out in front of managing expectations,” President and chief executive of Itec Entertainment Bill Coan, an Orlando, Fla.-based attraction designer and producer, said in an interview.

The enforcement of the four-hour deadline is unclear, however, we expect to hear from Disney regarding its park limits soon.

Disneyland also just recently announced the reservation start date for Galaxy’s Edge, telling guests that they can begin reserving slots for the park on May 2 at 8 pm PT via the Disneyland website. Registration opening is set on the same day but at 10 am PT. interested guests must have a Disney Account for registration.

Meanwhile, guests at Disneyland Resort’s three hotels are given a guaranteed reservation at Galaxy’s Edge with one reservation per registered guest.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is set to open on May 31 Disneyland Resort and at Walt Disney World Resort on August 29.

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