Why Tohru Should Be with Yuki Explained

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May 07, 2021  11:03 AM

Aside from waiting for the Sohma curse to be lifted, fans have always debated who Tohru should end up with. The fandom is divided into Team Yuki and Team Kyo. Yuki is the well-loved prince while Kyo is the hot-headed but kind cat. 

Fruits Basket fans, admit it, there was at least one time or scene in the series that we wanted Tohru to be with Yuki. It’s not that we didn’t approve of Kyo, but somehow and someway, we all believe that Tohru should be with Yuki. We have 5 reasons to prove that. 


1. Yuki is upfront with his feelings


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Unlike Kyo, Yuki showed his feelings for Tohru. He never made her feel that he didn’t like her. In fact, all of his actions were obvious, and there were a bunch of times when he could end up confessing to her. 


2. Yuki is loyal


Why Tohru Should Be with Yuki Explained 2


Throughout the series, it was emphasized that Yuki was loved by a lot of women. He even has his own fan club at school. Despite this, all his attention and care were only for Tohru. This gives fans the impression of how loyal Yuki can be to his partner. 


3. Yuki is sensible


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One of the best traits that Yuki has is that he can keep his composure at all times. He doesn’t burst into his emotions like Kyo. This personality gives fans the idea that he can keep Tohru safe at all times. He can make sensible decisions at any given time or situation. 


4. Yuki is kind and honest


Why Tohru Should Be with Yuki Explained 4


Yuki did not have doubts to help Tohru after finding out that she was living in a tent. He did not have second thoughts when he decided to look for her mother’s picture. Yuki is naturally kind and helpful towards Tohru. He is also honest and straightforward, so she won’t have issues communicating with him. 


5. Yuki is consistent


Why Tohru Should Be with Yuki Explained 5


Yuki’s treatment is the same from the moment they saw Tohru in the tent until they lived together. He showed her he was interested in her, and that he was willing to open up to her. There were also a lot of scenes wherein it showed how Tohru helped Yuki to become a better person. In return, he did everything he can to protect her. 

While fans can no longer change the creator’s mind of who Tohru ends up with, Yuki-Tohru fans can enjoy the moments the two have in the manga and anime. Where can you read this manga? Find out here

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