Watchmen Showrunner Says Regina King Casting was Important in Making HBO Series Work

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By Nobelle Borines | More Articles Hoarder of Fantasy Books and Stephen King Wannabe
May 30, 2020  02:32 PM

What's the best thing about HBO's Watchmen series? If you said Regina King, then you're absolutely right and nobody agrees more than Damon Lindelof. The showrunner has just confirmed that the Oscar winner's casting was the one thing that made him believe that the show is going to be a success.

Lindelof recently spoke to where he admitted that King's involvement in the project was truly exciting for him. "I was just like, I just want to see Regina King on a billboard with the word 'Watchmen' over her. Because that feels like it's going to work," he said.

If you watched all nine episodes of Watchmen, you'll understand exactly what he means. King's Angela Abar towers over the series and that's exactly what Lindelof wanted to achieve.

"We wanted Angela's sort of story arc over the course of these nine episodes to understand herself, to be able to put some context to understand the pain and potential anger that she felt not just as a result of her own personal journey through life, but what it meant to be a black woman in the United States of America," Lindelof said. "Whether it's an alt-history or an actual history, it's impossible to be a black woman in the United States of America and not experience a significant amount of trauma at the hands of the forces of white supremacy. There's no avoiding it."

But will Angela's story continue to a second season? For now, it is still unclear whether Watchmen will get a follow-up since HBO has not yet announced a renewal. Nevertheless, fans are hoping that we'll get to see more of King in action in the future.

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