Taron Egerton is Wolverine in Stunning New Images

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November 16, 2019  11:42 AM

There is little doubt that Wolverine is the one character that people are hoping would be brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon. Unfortunately, Hugh Jackman has already retired from his iconic X-Men role and it's unlikely that he will play the mutant again in the MCU. But is it possible that a younger actor could take over the role? Some new images of Taron Egerton show what the Rocketman star would look like as Wolverine.

The images were created by digital artist Bosslogic as a way to announce that he will be working with a new team called LGX Unit. The illustrations imagine Egerton as a comic-accurate Wolverine that would please Marvel fans. Check out the images below.

This is truly amazing work that has fans hoping that Egerton would be cast as the new Wolverine. However, it is important to point out that the casting for the mutant has not yet been confirmed. Nevertheless, this is one possible casting that could work perfectly and we're hoping Marvel decides to bring in Egerton for the role.

For now, it is unclear if Marvel Studios will consider recasting Wolverine for future films. However, there is another adamantium-clawed mutant that could actually show up in the MCU. It was previously reported that X-23 could be introduced as MCU's new Wolverine. The character had previously appeared in Logan, where she was played by His Dark Materials actress Dafne Keen.

What do you think of the fan art? Would Egerton be the best choice to take over as Wolverine? Sound off in the comments below.

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