Star Wars Teases Mace Windu's Return With New Poster

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By Nobelle Borines | More Articles Hoarder of Fantasy Books and Stephen King Wannabe
October 18, 2020  04:57 PM

There is little doubt that fans are hoping we haven't seen the last of Mace Windu despite what happened in the Star Wars prequel trilogy films. Luckily, there have been reports suggesting that the Jedi Master will be getting his own Disney+ series. Interestingly, Star Wars may have confirmed this with an awesome tease.

The official Star Wars UK Twitter account has just posted a moving poster of Windu which uses both Samuel L. Jackson's live-action take on the character as well as the Jedi Master's animated version that appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Check it out below.

"There’s no other Jedi quite like Mace Windu," the caption reads.

It's an interesting tweet that has started a new interest in Windu yet again. Some believe that it's a tease for the character's return in a Star Wars show. However, there has been no confirmation about this just yet so it's best to take this with a grain of salt.

It was previously reported that Windu's origin story could be the focus of a new Star Wars series that would air on Disney+. This would mean that a younger actor could be brought in to play the Jedi Master. On the other hand, fans are still holding on to hope that the show will bring back Jackson to reprise his role from the prequel films.

Disney and Lucasfilm have yet to make an official announcement on the Mace Windu series. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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