Marvel VFX Producer Reveals Old Captain America's Age In Avengers: Endgame Final Scene

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September 12, 2019  10:26 AM

There is little doubt that Steve Rogers aged gracefully after he chose to stay with Peggy Carter in the past. But how old exactly was Captain America in the final scene in Avengers: Endgame? Marvel visual effects Jen Underdahl has provided a clear answer to that.

Underdahl recently spoke to Wired about working on Endgame's surprising scene which featured the old Steve handing over the Captain America shield to Sam 'Falcon' Wilson. The VFX producer admitted that they took time in figuring out how to age Chris Evans for the scene.

"What would a Super Soldier look like if he had aged 106 years?" Underdahl said. "What would his skin look like?" She then revealed that they had an older body double performing on the scene and having to give Chris Evans a similar look.

So there you go, Underdahl confirmed that Steve was already 106 years old in the Endgame scene. She's a little over the numbers, considering that Steve was born in 1918 and the future scene was supposed to be set in 2023. But who knows, maybe it took the Avengers a full year to decide to return all the Infinity Stones?

In the end, perhaps the exact age doesn't really matter anymore. Let's just say that Steve aged pretty well after he went back in time and stayed with the love of his life. Luckily, he lived long enough to go back to that moment where he could pass on the Captain America shield to an old (young) friend.

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