Marvel Fans Have Mixed Reactions to Ayo Disarming Bucky

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By Nobelle Borines | More Articles Hoarder of Fantasy Books and Stephen King Wannabe
April 09, 2021  01:59 PM

Things are truly heating up in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier now that Episode 4 is finally out. Fans can't stop talking about what could happen next in the series but there's also some concern about a particular scene in The Whole World is Watching. At one point, Ayo disarmed Bucky Barnes and people have mixed reactions.

WARNING! The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 4 SPOILERS ahead! Proceed with CAUTION!

In The Whole World is Watching, the Dora Milaje were ready to take in Baron Zemo. However, Bucky convinced Ayo to give them some time to get the Super Soldier serum. Although the Wakandans agreed, they immediately went after Zemo as soon as Bucky, Zemo and Sam Wilson found Karli Morgenthau.

Interestingly, John Walker and Lemar Hoskins tried to prevent the Dora Milaje from taking Zemo. This leads to a fight where the Wakandans promptly beat their asses. However, at one point, Bucky interferes and Ayo reacts by touching his vibranium arm, causing it to fall off.

Amazingly, Bucky is not aware of this feature and is just as shocked as the viewers. The look of confusion on his face immediately had fans laughing.

However, not everyone thought it was funny. Some people have pointed out that Bucky was obviously hurt because it confirmed that the Wakandans didn't trust him although he no longer responds to his Winter Soldier programming.

Either way, it was a jaw-dropping moment for everyone. We're just hoping that there's no need to detach Bucky's arm again anytime soon.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 4 is now available on Disney+.

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