Legend of Zelda Anime Could Be Next After Castlevania Series Finale

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By Nobelle Borines | More Articles Hoarder of Fantasy Books and Stephen King Wannabe
May 14, 2021  05:54 PM

There is little doubt that the Castlevania anime had a successful run on Netflix. So which video game should get its own series next? Powerhouse Animation Studios editor David Howe believes it's time that Legend of Zelda gets its own animated show.

Howe, who previously worked on the final season of Castlevania, recently spoke to Zelda Dungeon where he admitted that the game could work in an anime.

“Well I think there’s precedent for it…I personally own a couple of copies of the Ocarina of Time manga, so they’ve already adapted it into a serialized manga format…and I think if something works in a manga format then it would work in an anime. And then there’s also the world-building,” Howe said.

Interestingly, Howe also pointed out that Zelda would work better as a series,

“I personally would much rather see a serialized format for Zelda as opposed to a movie; I mean I think a movie could work, but having time to really explore that, the breadth of the world, in a serialized format would work really well,” he said.

This is certainly an awesome idea considering that Castlevania has been wildly successful for Netflix. However, it is important to point out that the streaming giant currently has a lot of anime titles in development so it may take some time before a Zelda series is considered. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

All episodes of Castlevania, including the last 10 episodes of Season 4, are now streaming on Netflix.

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