Karl Urban Says Butcher Might Turn on His Friends in The Boys Season 2

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By Nobelle Borines | More Articles Hoarder of Fantasy Books and Stephen King Wannabe
July 24, 2020  04:41 PM


There is little doubt that Billy Butcher is in an interesting state right now considering that he just found out that his wife is still alive in the previous season finale of The Boys. But could this mean he will be ready to turn against his own friends in Season 2? Karl Urban may have confirmed that Butcher might do something drastic yet again in the second season.

Urban recently took part in the show's panel for [email protected] and he shared some insight on what's going on in Butcher's head in The Boys Season 2.

"Going forward for him, his objective through Season 2 is to really find Becca and rescue her, to get his wife back. And so if Season 1 was Butcher really focused on blind revenge for the perceived death of his wife, Season 2 really becomes about getting her and saving her," Urban said. He then added that this realization could be truly problematic for Butcher.

"The moral questions that arise from that is, ‘How far is Butcher willing to go? How much is he willing to sacrifice?’ It’s particularly pertinent coming off Season 1 where we see that Butcher would turn his back on The Boys if he could inflict some degree of pain and suffering on Homelander, on The Seven," Urban said.



"There's a certain evolution for Butcher in Season 2 where he has some tough choices to make; whether he will be able to do something to achieve that goal to get him closer to Becca. Will he again jeopardize his team?" he concluded.

Ouch, that doesn't sound good. On the other hand, fans may have already been expecting things to be complicated. Let's just hope that the team manages to get out of this season in one piece.

The Boys Season 2 will premiere on Amazon Prime on September 4.

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