Josh Brolin Shares Awesome Goonies Throwback, Reminisces Boat Scene In The Film

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February 02, 2019  12:14 PM

You probably know him as the mutant Cable or the villainous Thanos but there was a time when Josh Brolin was just a teenager working on a truly amazing adventure film. The Avengers: Endgame star has just shared an awesome The Goonies throwback complete with interesting details about working on the movie.

Brolin posted the Goonies poster on his official Instagram account then added a lengthy caption filled with riveting information. Did you know he actually ruined the first shot they took when the kids finally saw the pirate ship? Of course, he did.

"16 years old. Clueless. Reading Stanislavsky books on character in my little prison of a 10 by 10 all wood ‘trailer’. Martha Plimpton’s my best bud, and Robert Davi scares me stiff. Steven Spielberg is God and Richard Donner is a camp counselor. I think the writer, Chris Columbus, and I are the same height," Brolin wrote. He then confessed to ruining the first take where the group finally discovers the pirate ship Inferno in the film.

“We haven’t yet seen the boat. We are backed into the water that the stage is filled with. We are told to submerge in unison and when we come up turn around and react naturally. They roll cameras, we go under, we hear a muffled 'Action!' and when we surface and turn around there’s silence. All of us. Then the first word spoken is mine. It’s loud. 'F--k!!'. And the take is ruined. I don’t care. The ship is 150 feet long and it has treasure hanging from all sides. It’s every kid’s dream come true. F--k seems, even now, totally appropriate,” he wrote.

It certainly sounds magical and hilarious at the same time but we all probably had the same reaction when we first saw Inferno in the movie. We're certainly grateful that Brolin has reminded us just how wonderful the 1985 film truly was.

Brolin wasn't the only kid who eventually became a huge star from The Goonies. His co-star Sean Astin also went on to become a part of the Lord of the Rings films, among other things. Brolin and Astin played the brothers Brand and Mikey Walsh in the movie.

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