John Woo Turned Down Stan Lee's Offer to Direct Marvel Film, Sides with Martin Scorsese

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November 17, 2019  11:57 AM

Can you imagine what it would have been like if action director John Woo directed a Marvel Cinematic Universe film? Unfortunately, the idea would have to be left in your imagination. Woo has admitted that the late Stan Lee reached out to him asking if he would helm a Marvel movie but was turned down. In addition to that, Woo seems to agree with Martin Scorsese about the effects of MCU flicks on cinema.

Woo recently spoke to Deadline where he confessed that he was offered the chance to direct a Marvel film. However, he turned down Lee's offer for a strange reason.

“I don’t have that gift,” Woo said. “I’m not a sci-fi guy — I don’t think I could make a good one. There’s so much imagination… I don’t think I can reach that level.”

Interestingly, Woo also pointed out that he somehow understands why Scorsese had said Marvel movies are "not cinema".

“I’m concerned about when these movies get more and more popular, I’m afraid it will make young audiences get lost when it comes to knowledge about film,” Woo said. He then added that MCU flicks could now be considered the standard of modern filmmaking and younger people would lose “the desire to study or watch what Mr. Scorsese refers to as 'real cinema.'”

It's an interesting perspective since it comes from a prominent filmmaker. On the other hand, it's best to remember that cinema is always evolving. Still, the idea of Woo directing a Marvel film would have been intriguing.

Woo is currently working on a remake of his 1989 movie The Killer.

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