John Wick Directors Fought to Kill The Dog in the First Film

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May 23, 2020  02:48 PM

Anyone who has seen the first John Wick movie knows exactly when the character loses it and goes on a killing spree; it was all because of that dog. However, it looks like producers didn't like the idea of a murdered puppy and wanted the story to be changed. Amazing, directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch fought to keep the disturbing scene in the film and they were right about that.

Screenwriter Derek Kolstad recently spoke to where he confirmed that producers pushed for the dog's death to be removed from the movie. Their suggestion was to remove the pup completely out of the storyline.

"I think that they wanted to do it right, and so there were elements where [the studio said], 'Let's cut the dog out. Let's just focus on it as an assassin coming out of retirement.' That kind of thing," Kolstad said. However, he shared that Stahelski and Leitch insisted on keeping that storyline in the film.

"But without that dog connection and without that underlying soul and the heartbeat of that character, and also the levity it brings the character and the levity it brings the humor, it was key," Kolstad continued. "At certain points, Chad and Dave, they fought for it, they got it and they were right. They continued to fight for the way they see certain stories playing out elsewhere. They've done quite well with that. They're talented cats, man."

It does make a lot of sense. The little pup Daisy was a present from John's dead wife and the film showed how the dog helped the former assassin deal with his loss. Daisy's shocking murder (and the theft of his precious car) was the final straw for John as he went on a rampage to avenge the pooch (and get his car back, of course).

Do you think John Wick would have worked without the dog? Sound off in the comments below.

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