Captain America: The Winter Soldier Almost Featured Massive WWII Flashback Sequence

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April 30, 2020  12:10 PM

There's probably nothing that fans would change about Captain America: The Winter Soldier. After all, many agree that it's still the best Marvel Cinematic Universe flick ever made. However, it looks like the second Captain America movie almost had an epic war scene from the past. The Russo brothers have just confirmed that they initially wanted to include a major Word War II flashback sequence.

Joe and Anthony Russo recently made an appearance on the Reel Blend podcast where they discussed the first MCU film they worked on. Interestingly, the co-directors revealed that The Winter Soldier almost had a completely different opening scene.

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier actually opened with a battle during WWII in one of the drafts. It was a massive battle that ended with a significant moment for Cap but then fed into the story. And we ended up cutting that about two months before shooting," they admitted.

This could have been an explosive way to open the film. However, it seems like the opening sequence actually fit better for The Winter Soldier. The movie opened with Steve going on a run and meeting Sam Wilson. Although that wasn't exactly action-packed, it did provide an awesome introduction for Falcon.

The Winter Soldier was only the beginning for the Russos. They eventually went on to direct three more MCU films which included Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. While all those movies were impressive on their own, it's safe to say that the second Captain America flick is still their best contribution to the MCU to date.

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