X-Men Producer Expresses Excitement for Eventual MCU Take on Beloved Mutant Characters

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June 04, 2019  05:29 PM


X-Men: Dark Phoenix is going to be the final movie in Fox’s mutant-filled franchise and fans are having a lot of emotions over it. While this movie isn’t looking too hot, and Apocalypse wasn’t a favorite for many, there are a ton of great X-Men films that came out over the years, from Days of Future Past and Logan, this franchise has one hell of a legacy and it will be interesting to see how the MCU handles these characters when they get their hands on this series.

Hutch Parker, who has been a producer for the X-Men franchise since The Wolverine, revealed that he is looking forward to seeing these characters in the MCU. Parker echoes a lot of fans who are fairly excited to see how they handle mutant prejudice in the MCU since nobody seems to hate Spider-Man in this universe.

Parker told this to CinemaBlend:

[Marvel Studios is] incredibly gifted and they’ve done great work. And to see their interpretation of these characters, part of the fun of doing the X-Men movies has been seeing different filmmakers’ takes on these characters, and that’s the opportunity we going to see with Marvel, is to see their take on what they would do with these characters, and I can’t wait to see.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is coming out on June 6.

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