Titans Actor Says the DC Universe Series is Better Than Avengers: Infinity War

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
October 29, 2018  10:57 AM


Titans has been doing well thus far, with fans admitting that they’re liking it more than they thought they would. It seems like the DC Universe series has managed to break away from all of the negative press that the first trailer got, due to the whole “f**k Batman” controversy. However, actor Alan Ritchson went the extra mile and claims that the show is better than Avengers: Infinity War, which is a pretty bold statement.

Ritchson, who plays as Hawk in the series, claims that it’s better than Infinity War since most of the characters don’t have powers (except for Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire) and they don’t tend to feel invincible. The actor feels that the Marvel movies have no stakes, which is something that Titans supposedly has.

“I think I’m just excited that the fans are finally getting a really raw, human look at superheroes. I think, for me, the reason I don’t go see Infinity War movies or whatever these are is because there’s no stakes in it. Everybody feels invincible all the time. You know, I play a superhero without any superpowers. How great is that? I still remember the first episode I shot, episode 1.02. Brad Anderson, the director, and I were standing on set and it was the first time that we were shooting where I was in the suit and kicking ass and I walked in and there was a big catwalk. It was high. So he’s like, ‘You’re up there, you’re kind of crushing some beers, and then, you know, you tell Dove, “Let’s go do it” and you jump down and you get in the fight.’ And I was like, ‘Okay… We’ve never had this conversation before, so… do I fly? What are my superpowers? Am I super strong? I can handle a jump that size?’ And he’s like, ‘Good question, good question. Yeah. Let’s go with no superpowers.’ I was like, ‘Okay! Alright! That informs a lot!'”

It is good seeing Ritchson be so positive about the series he’s in. While Hawk and Dove did originally have powers, removing them from the show has made their connection with Robin feel a bit more genuine.

While the actor does have a point about the heroes feeling invincible a lot of the time, saying that there are no stakes is a bit much. Infinity War proved that by eliminating half of the heroes we know, though that will likely be reversed. More heroes will likely die in the place of those that will be coming back, which does some stakes to the equation.

Titans can now be streamed on DC Universe. It will soon be available on Netflix for other countries.


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