The Pokemon Company Apologizes for Dewgong Appearing in Pokemon: Twilight Wings Episode 4

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April 27, 2020  10:35 AM



Pokemon: Twilight Wings Episode 4 was arguably one of the mini-series’ best episodes yet, putting the spotlight on fan-favorite waifu Nessa. It was gorgeous, with some of the best shots in this series yet, which is actually saying a lot. There were very few complaints when it came to the animation and story, though it looks like some fans did take umbrage with the Pokemon that appeared, which led to The Pokemon Company apologizing to fans.

What’s all the hubbub about? Well, Twilight Wings Episode 4 features the Pokemon Dewgong in the background. Why is this a bad thing? Because Dewgong is one of the many Pokemon that is not in Sword and Shield, which has soured a lot of fans on the two Switch games.

And you all thought that this whole #Dexit conversation was over huh?



Game Freak made the controversial decision to not include the complete National Pokedex for Sword and Shield, supposedly to concentrate on Pokemon animations and graphics. While the game looks fine, it’s not a huge graphical upgrade when compared to the 3DS games, making the decision to remove the National Pokedex even more controversial.

Still, that didn’t stop Sword and Shield from selling millions of copies. The two games might have lacked the National Pokedex and outstanding graphics but it did have one of the better single-player stories in the franchise’s history and some fun multiplayer options, thanks to the Raid Battles. The upcoming Sword and Shield Expansion Pass also looks promising, bringing in more Pokemon and a new campaign to go through.

Pokemon: Twilight Wings Episode 4 is now available on YouTube. Pokemon Sword and Shield are now available on the Nintendo Switch.

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