Sonic the Hedgehog Director Claims There are No Sequel Plans (Yet) But is Down for More

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
April 28, 2020  10:07 AM



Sonic the Hedgehog is currently the most financially successful video game movie and fans are hoping to see more of this iteration of the character, especially since a post-credits scene made a lot of people happy by revealing Tails, possibly hinting at a sequel. Jeff Fowler, the movie’s director, claims that there are no talks on a sequel yet but did say that he is willing to work on one and would like to use more of these characters.

Talking with USA Today, Fowler claims that Paramount Pictures hasn’t talked about a sequel yet but is game to work on this franchise again. Fowler claims that he wants to work on the Sonic Cinematic Universe now that they seem to be more open to other characters appearing, now that Tails has made his presence known.

"(But) nothing would bring me more happiness than getting another shot with these characters and to tell more stories. We'd love to do more with the Sonic cinematic universe.”

Fans are hoping that they introduce characters a bit slowly, much like the older games. Tails will play a prominent role in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, just like he did in the video game sequel of the same name and maybe Knuckles will appear in Sonic the Hedgehog 3? Once again, as in the video game of the same name.

Then again, there are other fans who already want to see Shadow, Amy, Blaze the Cat, and so much more. Sonic the Hedgehog has so many characters in its universe that we’re surprised so many people love them. Sonic Mania wowed fans by including Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel, who hadn’t appeared since the Sonic arcade game so the movie people have a lot of people to work with.

Sonic the Hedgehog is now available in digital stores.

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