Robert Pattinson has been Reading a Lot of Batman Comics to Get Ready for The Batman

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November 01, 2019  11:12 AM


The Batman is set to be the DCEU’s definitive take on Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego (or is it vice-versa?) after both Batman V Superman and Justice League failed to garner a lot of people’s interests. Naturally, we’re all waiting for the first official images and trailer for this highly-anticipated movie but fans will be happy to know that the lead actor Robert Pattinson has been doing his research.

During an interview with Variety, Pattinson explained that he has been reading a ton of Batman comics to get ready for the role. Apparently, he didn’t realize that there are hundreds of comics featuring the character, arguably thousands when you consider the fact that Batman usually has more than one ongoing title. This is pretty standard practice for anyone getting ready for a comic book role but the effort is still appreciated.

"I'm glad I've had quite a lot of time. I didn't realize there were so many Batman comics. Hundreds and thousands. But I've been reading a lot of those, and not really just the kind of classics. I just like reading the sort of individual periodicals. It's nice to kind of see the absolutely contemporary ones."

Honestly, it’s neat to know that Pattinson isn’t just limiting himself to the usual “must-read” Batman stories like Hush, Year One, or The Dark Knight Returns. It’s not that those comics are bad but they don’t really need a push right now since there are so many DC characters that could use more graphic novels.

The Batman is slated to come out on June 25, 2021.

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