Patrick Stewart Says Star Trek: Picard Won't Be a Next Generation Redux

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December 16, 2019  10:23 AM



While it hasn’t made a huge impact in movies, the Star Trek franchise is very much alive and fans are getting something big with Star Trek: Picard, which is scheduled for release in early 2020. This is going to give fans a lot to love, continuing the journey of Patrick Stewart’s beloved Captain Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation, though fans should know that this won’t just be a revisit of that beloved series.

In fact, during an interview with Vulture, it was seemingly implied that Stewart would not return if the series was just The Next Generation Vol. 2, which is nice to see. Nostalgia is nice and all but it’s always more interesting if creators can combine new ideas with older characters.

Originally not wanting to return as Picard, it took a lot of convincing from the producers and writers to bring Stewart back. The actor even admitted that he would have liked a Logan-style series that would say goodbye to Picard and give the mantle to a newer character but he was slowly convinced to return as the creators continued to address his concerns.

Stewart, happy knowing that this wouldn’t be a The Next Generation redux, finally said yes.

I met with them again and we talked and talked and I told them about my uncertainties and doubts and little by little I found that they were all being addressed and being addressed in such an interesting way that I was intrigued. This was not going to be Star Trek: The Next Generation, Part Two. That’s why I said yes.

Honestly, it’s nice seeing Stewart have some artistic integrity when it comes to these characters. He could have easily phoned it in as Picard for years to come and no one would have minded but he decided to stay put until someone gave him a great pitch. Here’s hoping that the Picard series blows everyone away.

Star Trek: Picard is currently slated for a January 23, 2020 release.

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