New Pokemon Snap Announced for Nintendo Switch and It Looks Better Than Sword and Shield

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
June 17, 2020  10:14 AM


Fans hoping for major news from the recent Pokemon Presents event were probably a bit disappointed. The event mostly focused on smaller projects like Pokemon Smile, which helps parents brush the teeth of their children, Pokemon Cafe Mix, a free-to-start puzzle game for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, along with some Pokemon GO news. However, there is one major thing announced that a lot of fans are excited about; New Pokemon Snap.

Yup, after years of asking for it, The Pokemon Company has announced New Pokemon Snap, only the second game in the Snap series. It’s gorgeous and features a number of Pokemon that weren’t in the N64 original, which makes sense since that title only had 60 of the 150, but fans are happy enough with the graphical update and new areas.



While it should be really fun on Nintendo Switch, one can’t help but notice how good this game would have been on the Wii U. The television screen would have the locations while players can use the gamepad as a camera. It would have been amazing. Oh well, no point crying over spilled milk.

Also, it’s a bit annoying how this game looks a lot better than Sword and Shield. Maybe it’s because Game Freak was rushed into making two new games for the Switch so they had to reuse old assets but it’s still annoying. Still, it will be an awesome game to show off to friends who don’t know if they want a Switch.

New Pokemon Snap doesn’t have a release date yet. Here’s hoping that it isn’t too far off.

Via The Pokemon Company

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