Monsters Inc. World (and More) Confirmed For Kingdom Hearts 3

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
February 10, 2018  10:29 AM

During the latest D23 event, Square Enix unveiled the newest trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 and it was quite the revelation. The most talked about aspect of the new trailer was the confirmation of Monsters Inc., confirming those leaks that came out not too long ago. We also got to see new gameplay footage, including the first Disney summon and the return of various mechanics from previous games.

The trailer starts off with a bang, showing the return of Marluxia from Organization XIII. Due to the events of Chain of Memories, Sora doesn’t remember the villain but it looks like they will have one hell of a battle.

From that point, we get to see more of the Toy Story world, before the Monsters Inc. one is finally showcased. Sora and his crew are turned into monsters when they enter this world, similar to how they become toys in Toy Story and animals in Lion King, before engaging in some banter with Sully and Mike Wazowski.

After that, we finally get some gameplay and it continues to be epic. Sora’s Keyblade has even more transformations this time around, with a claw-like baton and an insane yo-yo used on the various Heartless.

The first Disney summon is also revealed and it’s Ariel from The Little Mermaid. How she ends up as a summon should be interesting since Atlantis was in the first two Kingdom Hearts games.

Dream Eaters also make a return from Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, seen helping Sora clear a room full of Heartless. We also see the multiple versions of the Shotlock mechanic from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, which fans of the PSP game will be happy to see. How this smorgasbord of previous gameplay mechanics from older games plays remains to be seen but it looks smooth and epic thus far.

Finally, we get the return of Vanitas, who confronts monster Sora. Vanitas wants to reunite with Ventus, the Roxas lookalike from Birth by Sleep whose heart has fallen asleep within Sora (it’s complicated). Seeing Vanitas and Marluxia return should please fans of the series, though lord knows they might complicate the lore even more.

Overall, it’s a fantastic trailer and fans of the series have one hell of a title to look forward to. For their sake, let’s hope Square Enix actually releases Kingdom Hearts 3 on the PS4 this year.

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