John Boyega Doubles Down on Previous Comments About Star Wars

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July 20, 2020  10:29 AM


John Boyega has been making the news rounds lately and none of it has had to do with Star Wars. Boyega has been fairly active in the Black Lives Matter movement and has won the hearts of many fans, with some directors even wanting to work with him once things have settled down. On Instagram, Boyega revealed that he’s actually filming another movie now and when some fans asked him about Star Wars, the actor has double down on previous statements and says he “moved on” from the franchise.

When a fan wrote that he wanted to see a full-on Jedi Finn in a new Star Wars movie, the actor thanked them but said: “lol no thank you. I’ve moved on [heart emoji].” Another fan also tried to joke about how Boyega just took the Star Wars money to advance his career, the actor simply stated that he doesn’t want to play a character for too long, which is pretty understandable.



Back on set ! Have a nice day everyone ❤️

A post shared by John Boyega (@johnboyega) on Jul 17, 2020 at 4:05am PDT


Though he won’t do it here, Boyega has been subtly criticizing some of the Star Wars movies he has appeared in, particularly The Last Jedi. While this writer does like The Last Jedi, the arc that Boyega’s Finn had in that movie felt like a retread of what went down in The Force Awakens and felt pretty weak when compared to everything else that happened in that movie.

Now that Boyega is (seemingly) free from the chains of Disney and LucasFilm, it will be interesting to see what he does next. Boyega has shown some interest in reprising his role as Moses from Attack the Block so it would be cool to see a sequel to that. Here’s hoping we get to know more about Boyega’s future in [email protected]

All of John Boyega’s Star Wars movies, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Rise of Skywalker, can now be viewed on Disney+ and can also be bought on Blu-Ray or DVD.

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