Jena Malone Talks Batman V Superman Role, Discusses Carrie Kelly Rumors

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
November 28, 2017  10:19 AM

When fans found out that Jena Malone, a friend of Zack Snyder’s, would be in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice the speculation regarding her role was insane. Many fans hoped she would be Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl/Oracle, while others thought she would be Carrie Kelly, the female Robin from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. In the end, she was just a minor character that didn’t even make the theatrical cut of the film, but the actress does have some fun memories of the role and the buzz that surrounded it.

Speaking to The AV Club, Malone wasn’t really offended by her exclusion from the Batman V Superman theatrical cut. Malone was just happy to be working with Snyder, who she previously worked with on Sucker Punch, so it seems like the short role was practically a favor. It is good to know that these two are friends and they will probably work together again in the future.

Even though she only ended up in the Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman, Malone did think it was amusing that her presence in the film immediately got fans talking about her role. She felt that all the buzz was amusing and jokingly said: “this is actually a really interesting technique to get a job—to pretend you have it.”

Here’s her full response:

“I learned a really interesting lesson in the sense of false PR—by me being just on-set of that, there were all these swirling rumors that I was Robin. And I was like, wow, this is actually a really interesting technique to get a job—to pretend you have it. It was definitely a lesson in public relations that I hadn’t fully engaged with that I would love to reinterpret in maybe a political anarchist type of way. It’s cool.”

Fans can pick up the Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition now. Justice League is now showing in theaters.

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