Fifty Shades Star Dakota Johnson Wants to Play Catwoman

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
October 12, 2018  02:32 PM

The Fifty Shades trilogy is officially over, which many moviegoers see as a blessing. While the three movies did make a lot of money, critics lambasted them for its poor narrative and only having sex as a selling point. Still, some would defend Dakota Johnson, who did the best she could, given the material that was given to her.

During a video interview with Vanity Fair, where Johnson is hooked up to a lie detector, she is asked if she wants to play a Marvel character. She replies yes and when asked who, the actress said Catwoman. This leads to a humorous exchange where the interviewer points out that the Batman villain is a DC character, which leads to Johnson jokingly asking them to cut the part out.

In fairness to Johnson, she wouldn’t be the worst option to play as Selina Kyle. The low point is still the Catwoman film that Halle Berry starred in, which many have claimed as one of the worst movies ever made. Anne Hathaway made the character more credible thanks to her great work in The Dark Knight Rises, so we’ll just wait and see on who the next Catwoman actress will be.

Catwoman had the spotlight on her recently, thanks to the character catching cold feet and leaving Batman in the altar. The character s going through her own problems in her solo comic book, while Bruce is also facing his fair share of trauma now that Dick Grayson has been shot. Fans can check out her series in comic stores now, with the fourth issue recently coming out.

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