Disney+ Loki Series Will Pit Thor's Brother Against 'Formidable Opponents'

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
August 15, 2019  11:22 AM


Now that Disney has confirmed the Loki series for their upcoming Disney+ series, fans are pretty happy to see the best version of Thor’s brother getting the spotlight. We still don’t know what the premise of the Disney+ Loki series is going to be, though we can all assume that he’s going to abuse the hell of that Tesseract. However, power attracts, and if Tom Hiddleston’s comments are anything to go by, he’s going to face some fearsome enemies.

An MTV News clip recently went viral, where Tom Hiddleston revealed that the character would be facing off against some “formidable foes.” Sadly, Hiddleston couldn’t give away the foes his character could be facing but we can always speculate, especially since this will be a version of the God of Mischief who didn’t have time to pretend to be Odin.

Since Thor stories have always pitted the God of Thunder against some of his Asgardians, it wouldn’t be too presumptuous of us to assume that Loki could face off against some of Thor’s comic enemies. Marvel’s version of The Enchantress would be nice to see, especially since her partnership with Skurge the Executioner was essentially used in Thor: Ragnarok, with Hela taking her place.

This comic book fan would also like to see Baldur make his MCU debut here, though Taika Waititi could always introduce him in Thor: Love and Thunder. Maybe we’ll see Hela take on Loki in this new timeline, which would be beyond epic. Simply put, there’s a lot of foes we can pit against Loki and it would lead to amazing results.

Loki is scheduled for a Spring 2021 release. It will debut on the Disney+ streaming service.

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