Bumblebee Director on Why Megatron Ended Up Getting Cut From the Film

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
December 20, 2018  10:23 AM


Bumblebee is finally coming out in the Americas tomorrow and fans are pumped up to see this spinoff. The movie has received a ton of positive reviews, with many praising its heart and the fairly decent storyline. It might just be The Iron Giant and E.T. put into a blender but considering the Transformers movies that came beforehand, anything good or decent is something we’ll take over that crap.

However, if there’s one thing those movies have over the spinoff, it’s that they have Megatron. Director Travis Knight recently confirmed that there were plans to introduce the classic villain in the Cybertron part of the film but it was cut for continuity reasons. That’s right, Knight confirmed to io9 that this film is still in the same timeline as the Michael Bay movies.


"I had this whole thing boarded where we’re where we see Megatron and he comes in like Sauron, just blowing sh*t up and laying waste to everything. However, we then realized in this world, Megatron is currently frozen on Earth, as seen in 2007's Transformers, so that was out."

It’s a shame that certain characters from the series won’t be appearing because of this but at least the man cares about his continuity. We were all hoping that this would be a franchise reboot and that we would never have to see another Bay-formers film anymore but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Bumblebee comes out tomorrow. Who’s excited to see it?

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