Bumblebee Director on Why Laika Studios Will Never Make a Transformers Movie

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
January 15, 2019  01:30 PM


Bumblebee is currently one of the best Transformers movies out there, with some even saying that it is the best. Moving away from the grotesque designs and toilet humor from the Michael Bay films while paying tribute to 80’s kid's films and the G1 Transformers cartoons has been a blessing. Honestly, anyone who has seen the movie can tell that director Travis Knight loves this franchise.

During an interview with Polygon, Knight revealed his love for the franchise and talked up how happy he was directing this film. With rumors of an animated Transformers film, fans have wondered if Laika Studios would be interested in making it, seeing as how Knight is the company’s president.

Sadly, Knight revealed that Laika would never make a Transformers film since the company wants to only make original material, which is an admirable goal.

“Everything that I’ve done at Laika reflects a certain philosophy or filmmaking philosophy. I don’t see that fundamental thing changing moving forward.”

“I’m excited to tell an interesting new and original stories at my animation house ... To the extent that you channel things that you love from your childhood loves and obsessions into what we do, I think that’s part of everything that we do.”

You have to admire how a company only wants to make original material, especially when it’s an animation studio that focuses on claymation. Kubo and the Two Strings proved that the studio can do a lot of good with this style of animation, so here is hoping for more of that.

Bumblebee might still be showing in theaters. Expect a Blu-Ray release date for that soon.

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