Xbox Series X/S vs PS5 Controller for PC: Which is better?

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April 09, 2021  03:37 PM

Controllers have gone a long way in the history of games along with the new generation of consoles and this brings us to a comparison of the latest controllers in play, the controllers of PS5 DualSense and Xbox Series X on which one is better for PC.


Which controller costs cheaper, PS5 or Xbox?

Xbox Series X/S vs PS5 Controller for PC: Which is better?

This question is easy to answer. PS5 DualSense controller costs $69.99 while the Xbox controller has the price tag of $59.99. The difference in their price lies with the features of each controller which we’ll feature in this same article.

Winner of the round: Xbox Controller


Which controller offers more comfort, PS5 or Xbox?

Xbox Series X/S vs PS5 Controller for PC: Which is better? 1

PS5 DualSense has a longer handle and its buttons rest exactly right for the index finger to rest onto. As for the new Xbox Controller, it’s smaller in size and the buttons are quite stiff compared to the old models.

Winner of the round: It’s a tie, it really depends on various factors to determine which is better with comfort such as the size of the hand of the player, those with bigger hands would find more comfort in PS5 DualSense as it has a larger design which means that those with small hands wouldn’t prefer this and would choose the smaller controller, Xbox’s. It really depends.


Which controller has a better look, PS5 or Xbox?

Xbox Series X/S vs PS5 Controller for PC: Which is better? 2

The PS5 DualSense looks futuristic with the whites and gray color on the buttons. Meanwhile, the Xbox controller is quite its opposite being black and looking closer to the vintage style of controllers with the colored buttons and all.

Winner of the round: Again, it’s a tie. It depends on your preference if you want the futuristic style or the vintage style, also on which color you would want more. Both are really distinct from each other.


Which controller lasts longer, PS5 or Xbox?

Xbox Series X/S vs PS5 Controller for PC: Which is better? 3

This is about the battery life of the controller. One of the reasons why the Xbox controller is cheaper is that you’ll be the one to put batteries on it. You can choose whether you prefer the disposable ones or chargeable batteries but it should be an AA battery. With this, you can go play for a straight 30 to 40 hours. As for PS5 DualSense, its battery pack is a built-in chargeable. It gives you a shorter time of playing and it takes time to charge it.

Winner of the round: Xbox Controller, you can play after you change the batteries. You wouldn’t have to wait longer while charging.


Which controller contains more features, PS5 or Xbox?

Xbox Series X/S vs PS5 Controller for PC: Which is better? 4

One of the reasons why PS5 DualSense costs more is that it has additional features such as adaptive triggers wherein you can adjust the tension of the triggers to fit the game you’re playing. This controller also has vibrations more accurate, a gyroscope, and a built-in speaker. As for the Xbox controller, it has the features of an Xbox One controller with a share button and a D-pad which is improved.

Winner of the round: PS5 DualSense


Which controller is better, PS5 or Xbox?

To sum it all up, it really depends on your preference. Both have their distinct features such as Xbox being cheaper, having longer battery life, and more versatile in use, while PS5 DualSense has new features which would be more fitting to the game. Whichever works for you, really. Both are great controllers with respective strengths.

By the way, recently, Xbox Game Pass released added games such as Grand Theft Auto V, Pathway, NHL 21, and more. It still has Minecraft as well. It works on your mobile, your iPad, and even on your PC with the Xbox Games Pass For PC. You can get the games in 720p and recently, Microsoft has done some testing on the 1080p quality of the games. You can have all these for $1 on your first month and $9.99 on your succeeding months.

Are you excited to play? What’s your controller of choice? Let us know in the comments!

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